Comrade Obama has laughed his way through his first presidential term. He's thrown around billions of dollars as if it were confetti. His promises of fixing the economy have been broken year after year despite all the comical stimulus projects he has forced the American taxpayers to fund. Obama has shown that he would be more at home under the big top than in the White House.

America was built with the values of individual liberty, self-reliance, and personal responsibility. The US economy is one of the greatest in the world thanks in part to the principles of capitalism upon which it was founded. President Obama seems committed to redefining America's economy. In just one term he has forced the government into industries like finance, automobiles, and even healthcare. Billions have been invested into ridiculous stimulus projects which the private market would have never supported, all while the national debt skyrockets. The consequences of these actions have largely been ignored by the media, all while taxpayers across the country suffer as Obama extends the recession. Now he wants another four years in office. Enough is enough. Socialism Is No Joke!

Obama Joker Posters

The infamous Obama joker socialism poster.
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The Obama Joker Poster

While the consequences of President Obama's attempts at forcing the government into private industry have been ignored by the public, the effects of his health care plans are very visible. Americans across the country are realizing that with the passage of Obamacare, their government is about to get involved in their lives in a very personal way. Some citizens, not convinced that their message is being heard, are taking their frustration to the streets. The Obama Joker poster has popped up in cities from coast to coast and finally received national media attention after posters popped up in LA. Since the exposure, even more Americans have adopted the poster as a symbol of their opposition to both government health care and the attempts by Barack Obama to keep turning the US towards socialism.

Obama Joker posters in Los Angeles, CA

After months of appearing and quickly being torn down, the Obama Joker posters were finally featured in news segments all over the US. The four posters in LA pictured above were the most widely viewed after they were posted here. Shortly after the posters made headlines, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson released a statement, calling the images "politically mean spirited and dangerous." Obama supporters have been denouncing the posters, some even citing race as an issue. Few seem to remember that when Bush was in office he had the same thing done to him. Since the LA posters made headlines, Joker Posters have appeared in public locations across the US including Atlanta, South Dakota, George Washington University campus, Hollywood, Florida, Kansas, and Denver. Check the Joker Poster sightings page for a full list of poster sightings.


3 x 10" Socialism Is No Joke Bumper Sticker


The posters finally made national news when news reporters captured several in LA before they were torn down. Almost immediately, posters began appearing in other cities. Check the Joker Poster sightings page for a full list of poster sightings.


Socialism Is No Joke! Black T-Shirt - 100% Cotton


Obama Joker Poster White t-shirt - 100% Cotton

Obama Joker Poster Black t-shirt - 100% Cotton
4 x 6" Obama Joker Bumper Sticker


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